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Glamping Pods


Do you have the sudden urge to pack your bags and move to the mountains?

 Or perhaps live beside the sea with its calm? 

Make all your dreams come true with our Glamping Pods! 

A series of pre-fabricated and pre-engineered abodes catering to your every need for a heart that seeks adventure with an offbeat thrill. Whether you’re a mountain lover or you wish to soak in a posh retreat, Glamping Pods are the one for you. 

Curated for the explorer self, we have reimagined the conventional living with our pods as your home away from home, serving as an eco-retreat. Ranging from an area of 400 to 650 sq. ft, from the sublime luxury of the Oakwood Cottage to the exciting adventure of the Oasis, the earthy bliss of The Cove to the layered living in The Nook— each pod invites nature and lets you experience it like never before. 

Go for an offbeat experience with these new-age designs that keep you on the go while sticking around with you! 

 No matter where you go, let the globetrotter within you feel at home always with our Glamping Pods.