Rumah Clover

The Nook


Welcome aboard a design that is way ahead of its time; immersed in ornate patterns, The Nook unveils 360-degree access to experience a never-seen-before take on experiencing captivating outdoors through a futuristic design. The punctured design of the pod invites nature through the beaming skylights or the vast openings, creating an innate affair that embraces luxury living.


A Multi-Dimensional Experience

Spanning across 950 sq. ft of a radial layout, The Nook introduces layered spaces including a living area, bedroom, washroom, and dining space with an attached kitchen. The innermost layer connects all the areas through a seamless curvature, linking all the spaces with each other to create a cohesive look. 

The spaces open up to unveil a picturesque deck view-enhancing outdoor living for campers and nature enthusiasts. The cosy bedroom with efficient and smart amenities is a plush escapade with wide openings, to invite scenic views while waking up to a sunrise. Ambient lighting elevates the minimalist aesthetic for a fine dining experience with nature. The convenience of living in The Nook is enhanced with optimized utility areas, washrooms and a walk-in closet. 


Merging the Outdoors & Indoors

The expansive 307 sq. ft. of pathway that runs in-between the layers gives a multifaceted experience of walking through the pod.  The intricately fabricated shell provides articulated privacy while elevating the connection with nature.

For a fast-paced world that has more miles in technology, The Nook becomes a futuristic modern take on luxury living that celebrates leisure. With the entangling of outdoors and indoors, The Nook is the finest portrayal of heartfelt living you shouldn’t miss out on.

Fact File

1Bed, 1Bath


Built-up Area
5,328.14 Sq.ft.


Deck Area
5,328.14 Sq.ft.


Total Area
5,328.14 Sq.ft.


Architecture Style




Glaming Pod


Ground Floor


Recommend Plot Size

Around 9201 Sq/ft.



8 Weeks


Green Quotient




2 Times Stronger Than Traditional Construction

Cost Estimation
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Technical Details

360° Virtual Tour

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