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A compilation of detailed information on what Mulberry has to offer and other queries regarding this industry. Click on Enquire Now to submit your queries and our team shall get back to you.


Not all. Mulberry Designer Home oozes richness and sophistication. It’s an ode to the finest luxuries that has been ever created. We make believe that luxury is attainable. Luxury is a choice for customers to make, unrestricted by any reason.

Countering the old reputation of prefabricated housing as an ugly, cheap, poor-quality at Mulberry homes focus on sustainability, aesthetics, and the superior finishing.

Using our Technology, we can build structures up to 5-6 storied buildings however with Hybrid construction there are no limitations.

All components are manufactured on CNC Machines in the factory. Segments are assembled at climate-controlled zone and assemblies are shipped to the sites. Building and assembling a light gauge steel frame structures is similar and as simple as a kid putting together Lego blocks.

Prefab modular Construction can be termed as the construction of the main parts or Modules of the building to be fabricated away from the site of construction. Those modules are later assembled on-site to create the building/structure.

Construction of modules is done at our factory. Modular structures are then delivered to the site. The time required to assemble the modules is less, thus, Prefab Modular Constructions are time effective.

Yes, it is possible, but it is recommended if it planned at the design stage itself. It will make the process a lot simpler.

Yes, it can be done provided we get the appropriate requirements so we can do so in the design stage.

Yes, you can but we recommend that you follow the standard procedure we will provide.

Not at all. Since more carpet area is obtained you can have elaborate finishing. Wide variety of finishing materials are available and our expert team curate most suitable material which provides high quality finishes & Durable structure

All Wall and Roof insulated with Lead V-4 rated & soundproof Stone wool (Rock-Fon) or Rock wool 50-100mm of 50 kgs/m3 density.

Safety & Health

Yes. Mulberry steel structures allow more protection for the occupants since it provides a direct path to the ground in the event of a lightning strike. This reduces the likelihood of explosions or secondary fire.

No. Steel framing is recommended by the Healthy House Institute for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who seek good indoor air quality. Steel frames do not need to be treated for termites and are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials.

Positive connections and the strength of steel provides great protection against earthquake and hurricanes. A lighter structure with stronger connections results in less damage from seismic force. Steel’s high ductility makes it the best construction material for earthquake-resistant design.

Mulberry structural strength and non-combustible properties offer greater protection for your home and family. With steel-framing, you are eliminating the dangers of high wind speeds, fires and lightening to your house/site.

All the materials used in our construction are fire rated with minimum 45 mins. With specialized cladding materials we can achieve up to 2-3 hours of fire rating.

As Prefab modular Construction is an entirely dry structure and uses only steel, Moisture has no effect on the structure.

Building Codes & Standards


  • IS 875: Part 1 to 5 – Loads on Structure
  • IS 800:2007 – Design of Steel Structures
  • IS 801:1975 & AS/NZS 4600:2005 – Design of Cold Formed Steel
  • IS 456:2000 – Design of Concrete
  • IS 1893:2002 – Earthquake Resistant Design


  • Low-rise Buildings System Manual (MBMA) – Metal Building Manufacturers Association Inc.
  • Manual for Steel Construction, Allowable Stress Design (AISC) – American Institute of Steel Construction Inc., USA
  • Cold Formed Steel Design Manual (AISI) – American Iron and Steel Institute, USA
  • IS 800:2007. IS 875

Project Management

Yes. In fact, it is perfect for the remote locations. Since buildings are pre-designed, all the modules are manufactured in the factory and taken to the site for assembly, hence lessermanpower is required compared to RCC at the same time Logistics are easier compared to RCC structures. Modular construction most suitable for the remote & difficult to access areas.

With our Prefab Modular construction, activities are pre planned & run parallel. These parallel simultaneous activities save significant time which results in completion of any project by as much as 50% less time than the conventional construction.

You need to just show us your plot & choose specific design; rest everything is taken care by our Project Management Team till your dream home is handed over to you within designated timeline

Mulberry acts as an integrated entity and takes care of gamut of activities under one umbrella Right from Architectural Design, Supplies of materials, Construction, Interior Design and work, Landscaping architecture, landscaping work & Project management

Warranty & Guarantee

We offer 10 years’ warranty on any structural damages or leakages due to rain and steel structures have 50 years of structural stability.

Savings & Advantages

Contrary to the traditional constructions where all electrical and plumbing conduits are exposed as there is no cavity in the walls, modular construction offers completely concealed electrical and plumbing conduits and are never exposed. In fact, it becomes most convenient to service and do maintenance as we provide dedicated service panels in walls & Roofs

Absolutely. Unlike RCC structures, Modular Constructions have internal claddings as well. Hence, more options are available for customisation.

Prefab modular constructions have claddings which makes it easy to rectify faults unlike RCC structures. You need to just open the dedicated service panel to do required repairs.

Mulberry structures are lighter than concrete structures. Mulberry prefab structures approximately 50-70% lighter than RCC.

Yes. With Superior Insulations, Thermal Wraps, Insulated Cladding Materials, steel framed walls are unaffected by temperature or humidity changes, in fact there would be difference in temp gradient by 2-4% which leads to less usage heating and air-conditioning and cost on utility bills will be reduced.

All materials are of uniform quality.Quality of construction varies as materials
sourced from different vendors.
Huge savings in transportation costs as LGSF construction
is 1/10th weight of that of brick wall.
Huge transportation costs as all materials are heavy
Straight finished surface do not add up extra
plastering materials and reduces carpet area by only 10-15%
Uneven surface requires more plastering
material and reduces carpet area by 25%
Dry walls do not experience shrinkage cracks.Brick walls are more prone to shrinkage cracks
Dry and fast construction and no curing needed.Wet construction which is time consuming
and involves curing at various stages
Filling the cavity with Rockwool Insulation or CLC takes care of the STC,
above the codes. Floor ‘heel sound’ transfer can be
treated with usage of acoustic lining on floor before tiling
Hollow sound/ sound transfer in wall structures
is observed.
Time factor and increase of carpet area being USP, whilst weakness is that designs need
to be frozen before starting detailing
and execution
Even though design can be changed, the process is tedious and
carpet area obtained is less than Modular.

Plot Location, Selection of most preferred Design from the wide variety of options available on our website. We will take care of everything.

Maintenance & servicing becomes much easy compared to brick and RCC structure.

Yes, due to small cross-sectional areas of LGSF than RCC sections, there is an increase of 8% in carpet area.


Right from design everything is sustainable using sustainable green technology & processes.” Steel is 100% recyclable and is the most recycled material in the world. Thus, each ton of recycled steel saves 1200 KG of iron ore and approximately 400 KG of coal. At the same time entire construction remains clean & dry sans environmental degrading materials like Sand, Water & Cement as much as possible. We also use various smart products which come under green construction technology.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Yes. Our models are designed by experienced, incredibly talented architects & Interior designers

Yes. For all our models we provide Landscaping designed by leading landscape architects

Mulberry Designer Home package includes, Architectural design, Construction as per the design, Interior work, Landscaping, Smart home features, Water bodies like swimming Pool, Ponds & Decks

Yes, our expert team selects material according to the climate conditions of the location of the house. The foundation of the structure will also be designed specific to the site soil conditions.

No. We can undertake different sized projects including Hotels, Resorts, Leisure, Residential and Student accommodation, Retirement living, Row Houses, Glam Pods, Bath Pods, Office Pods and Kitchen Pods. We are focused on finding ways to tackle your challenges and meet your requirements.

We are focused the most on delivering you the most efficient designs.

Mulberry Designer Home package includes, Architectural design, Construction as per the design, Interior work, Landscaping, Smart home features, Water bodies like swimming Pool, Ponds & Decks

Relocation & Structural Changes

Yes. Since our Steel framing system enables larger spans in the design of the home, fewer interior load bearing walls are needed, making renovation very easy while allowing more flexibility in design.

Only non-load bearing walls can be changed with the approval of our Design engineers.

Yes, one can continually add floors to a prefab modular building, including creating high rises with Hybrid structures. When the needs change, buildings can be disassembled, and the modules relocated or refurbished for their next use reducing the demand for raw materials and minimising the amount of energy expended to create a building to meet the new need. In essence, entire buildings can be reused in some cases.

Yes, and not only that, after dismantling and deconstruction of the structure, you can use it again for a different site for another structure. This makes sure that no resources are wasted.

Basic Information on Pods

A Pod is a 3-dimensional small self-supporting structure that is prefabricated off-site and comprises of a floor base frame, all walls, and a ceiling/roof. It is delivered to the site, complete with all architectural fittings and fixtures. All plumbing and electrical services are pre-installed and fully tested. In Nutshell these are small Factory fabricated & finished ready to use units which are transported & installed at designated site or Buildings

  • Glam Pod – Ready to use Small Cottage Unit as your Farmhouse, Holiday home or for your Resort project
  • Bathroom Pod – Ready to use integrated high end designer bathrooms for your homes, offices, Hotel/Resort rooms
  • Office Pod – Ready to use small office unit
  • Kitchen Pod – Ready to use full-fledged Kitchen unit integrated with your home

Standard scope includes designing a unit right from conceptual stage, Structural Engineering, Manufacturing of Core & shell including Base, Tiles, Entire Mechanical electrical & Plumbing, Fittings, Fixtures, Water Proofing, Lights, Mirrors, False Ceiling, Doors windows, Exhaust fan, Counter Tops, Shelves and other appliances, artifacts, or smart fittings as per the contract.

  • Reduction of cost – Pods reduce the costs associated with material waste, removal, site supervision and labour.
  • 100% Leakage & seepage proof
  • Time Saving – production process even up to 30-50 % shorter than building in the traditional technology.
  • High Quality – prefabricated units are manufactured within a controlled factory environment using the newest technologies.
  • Easy for maintenance & servicing as plumbing & electrical lines are easily accessible through a dedicated service panel
  • Higher ROI (Return on Investment) – faster return on investment due to the short construction period

Our expert team will install & commission the pod

Basic Information on Pods

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