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Bath Pods


Climbing up a notch in a lap of luxury and elegance, each bath pod decor epitomizes flexibility in design with the comfort of setting it up anytime, anywhere. Unlike the monotony of standard bathrooms, these high-quality factories fitted bath pods optimize provision from on-time product delivery, easy maintenance to a hassle-free compilation. 


Adding romance and opulence to your bath environment, these bathing pods offer a harmonious alliance between poise and eccentricity that continues seamlessly to the exterior as well. With conscious design solutions like reusable wastewater, optimised space with shelving units and other efficiently planned utilities, they breathe in fresh air to the modular bath pods of India.


Mulberry has a diverse range of themes to elevate the bathing escapade that is quintessentially designed for only YOU! Customizable with immaculately balanced textures, these bathing pods create an ethereal bath environment that you should look forward to. 


The design is based on providing a holistic experience, both from the interiors and exteriors. The thoughtfully curated collection includes a variety of envelopes to adorn your walls creating a unique bathroom suite that encourages innovative possibilities.



Our Plush and Audacious Bathing Pods

Biophilic Pod

Inspired by nature, the Biophilic-style pod brings in the naturalistic elements with ambient earthy materials to create an amalgamation of man and natural greens. The outer envelope follows a similar language by introducing vertical gardens creating an engulfing experience for a nature enthusiast.


This theme incorporates sleek marble walls with mouldings added with copper-lined fixtures for the ones who love the timeless era of the 60s. Incorporating features such as rich colours, decorative arched entrances and opulent lighting fixtures culminate to form a harmonious symphony of the bath environment.

Pop Art

Giving the bathroom a modern yet minimalistic take on a theme is the addition of a feature pop art wall for the art connoisseur in you. Centring the art piece, the rest of the bathrooms melts into monochromatic minimalism that tunes your creative side to a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. The pop-art decor envelope brings in a blend of bold yet subtle textures and colours that has a lively effect.


Inspired by the Zen gardens, this theme is a combination of warmth with nature, for the calm and gentle-spirited. Ambient lighting and the sleek set of bathroom fittings create a bespoke personalized space that thrives on natural materials. The external walls bring in a sublime effect with a resting Buddha feature wall to lighten up indoors.

Designer Envelopes for Pods


A technology way ahead of its time, the digital theme enwraps a digitized wall with a customizable screen to provide multiple decor styles for a single envelope, a perfect setting for a Technophile. You could be sitting on a beach one minute and jump to the snowy Alps the next.


Making room for the unique showstoppers, the utility style brings in an efficient shelving system that optimizes the usable space You can fill in the units with personalised showpieces and artifacts giving character to the blank canvas, a paradise for the systematic ones.

Exploring the potential of experiencing an elevated sensory delight, these unique bathing pods designs teleport you to a world immersed in luxury and mystique with cutting-edge technology and state-of-art amenities