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Oakwood cottage


A container cabin that can be shipped anywhere— seems like an adventurous fantasy, right? This Oakwood Cottage beholds a sublime luxury that is flexible enough to travel with you!


What marks its uniqueness is the seamless blend of these transportable pods that make themselves at home, wherever they’re placed. Whether you wish to enwrap the tranquility of the hills or the tingling of a flowing stream, this cabin is all you need by your side for a luxury retreat that promises peace and quietude.


A Box that Inspires!

The portable 30’ x 60’ container cabin takes inspiration from the intricacy held within a simple box. Exuding luxury the expansive cabin takes you to newer heights of extraordinary with an accessible roof, soaking in the serenity.


A Balanced blend of Indoors and Outdoors

Sprawling across an area of 632 sq. ft., the black wood and texture classing on the interiors complement the surroundings. Composed of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and deck, this prefabricated cabin is the perfect spot to stay connected with the natural world. The free-flowing spaces can conveniently nestle 2-3 residents.


As one approaches the cabin, they’re welcomed with an accessible roof. You can either climb up for a seamless view of the surroundings or enter the world of contemporary aesthetics. The door opens up into a plush living room and kitchen adorned in a muted natural palette with wood and white paint being the dominant tones along with accents of glass. The private zone of the cabin is strategically accommodated at the end. The calming interiors open up to the balcony with a glass floor, adding a dynamic experience to interact with nature.  This container-inspired design incorporates the juxtapositions of indoors and outdoors. The earthy mood board creates a forest theme within the interiors. While the eclectic surroundings engulf you in its enigma. 


Whether you’re looking for a month-long workcation or a weekend getaway, this Oakwood Cottage offers a one-of-a-kind experience, you wouldn’t want to miss! This prefabricated structure with its rugged and rustic appeal offers a quick retreat from the urban hustle, allowing you to dissolve in nature as you cocoon into the world of comfort.

Fact File

1Bed, 1Bath


Built-up Area
390.08 Sq.ft.


Deck Area
307.84 Sq.ft.


Total Area
700 Sq.ft.


Architecture Style




Glaming Pod


Ground Floor


Recommend Plot Size

Around 2,100 Sq/ft.



8 Weeks


Green Quotient




2 Times Stronger Than Traditional Construction

Cost Estimation
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Technical Details

360° Virtual Tour

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