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Designer Villas

Endless Summer Vibes Collection

(A Balinese Style Series)

Bali, Indonesia is one of the world’s most popular tropical holiday destinations.
With influences from the Hindu and Javanese cultures, the architecture of Bali
derives its principles from ancient philosophies of a ‘sacred place’.

Tropical Tints Collection

(A Hawaiian Style Series)

Lush green forests, panoramic beaches, active volcanoes and breath-taking sunsets
are synonymous with the islands of Hawaii. Located in the northern Pacific Ocean,
this group of eight islands is a quintessential holiday destination.

Mediterranean Blues Collection

(A Spanish Style Series)

Home to some of the world’s most celebrated architectural masterpieces, Spain is a
land of art, history and culture. Spanish architecture is known for its beautiful,
peculiar design elements – from historic buildings like the Sagrada Familia and
modern icons like the Guggenheim Museum.