Rumah Clover

Woodside Ridge


Being a part of a luxurious setting with unique amenities is a combination rarely found in a standard villa. Woodside Ridge emerges from this rarity into a picturesque abode, making it the perfect getaway you were looking for!

What pleases the eye is the story of cross-connecting spaces through cantilever bridges running over the linear lap pool. Taking a stride to add a regal splendour for the connoisseur in you, Woodside Ridge offers ultra-luxury living amidst nature.

An Architecture that Startles
Designed as a pair of steel-framed pyramidal structures connected by a sky bridge, this twin A-frame Villa can host a multitude of user groups for family gatherings, parties, reunions and many more. An elevated bridge above the linear pool connects to either side, bringing in a surreal experience of engaging with nature. The lower level includes a wooden deck that expands outwards towards the central pool, encouraging rejuvenation.


Interweaving in the Outdoors
The villa houses two storeys of world-class amenities, with the ground floor, including a living, kitchen and dining space along with a study and bedroom, followed by a deck. With a sombre natural palette, the cabin accentuates its double-height living space, bringing in ample light and ventilation. The expansive linear arrangement of leisure and functional spaces is bifurcated through a lap pool that adds a transitory experience to the plush wooden decks. The connecting glass bridge passes over the pool, creating an eccentric floating effect.


The first floor includes two contemporary-styled bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, under a twin A-frame roof. This area is bound by the connecting bridge housing an uber-luxury dining space. It is a pristine spot to view a beaming sunset while engaging in an open-to-sky dining experience.


The pool runs linearly between the two cottages, where the twin A-Frames on the thatched roofs create a natural cascading effect during rains. This zone is extended by a hammock that rests as a connection between the vast sky and the subtle water beneath. For a quick gaze at the starry night, you can jump onto the hammock before you dive into a deep resting sleep.


Woodside Ridge becomes a trademark of a fine host, as its engaging spatial flow pulls up your spirits to seamlessly merge with the surroundings.

Fact File

3Bed, 2Bath


Built-up Area
1450 Sq.ft.


1050 Sq.ft.


2500 Sq.ft.


Architecture Style




Bohemain Villa


Ground Floor



Recommend Plot Size

Around 7,500 Sq/ft.



12 Weeks


Green Quotient




2 Times Stronger Than Traditional Construction

Cost Estimation
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Technical Details

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360° Virtual Tour

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