Why Mulberry?

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We deliver project/ dream home in 50% less time than the conventional construction.

Components manufactured on CNC machines & factory fitting ensures highest quality structure.

Our construction is Dry, Clean & Green construction.

Our Homes & Pods are easy to maintain.

To get complete information about our technology


The buildings we live in affect our health, mood, and productivity, and unfortunately, the most common building materials can be very unhealthy. That’s why we carefully research every product we use, including low-VOC millwork, moisture resistant drywall, and exclusively zero-VOC paints, stains, and sealants. We also design for optimal airflow and ample natural daylight and minimize ductwork that gathers dust and allergens.

Regardless of spec, our uncompromising environmental health and sustainability standards helps us build homes that are as healthy as possible, for you, our builders, and the planet.


We have an exceptional integral design studio which constantly works on exceeding expectations
and setting new standards in the sensorial realm.

Our designs offer a sight that’s never been seen and a feeling that’s never been experienced.
It’s a world of dreams, that is exciting and delightful at every turn.

With our designs, we make believe that that luxury is attainable

We just offer homes & Pods but an elevated lifestyle

Our Offering

Architectural Design by In-house talented, experienced& Leading Architects

Structural Engineering by highly competent in-house Engineering Team using latest software’s

Interior Designs by our specialized experienced designers & leading Designers

Landscaping Architecture

Effective Project Management

Highly Predictable & Reliable times lines & project management

You need to just finalize design rest all we take care

Our effective project management system ensures Highest quality of construction &
most predictable timelines

Strength of Our Building

Our Homes & Pods are strong as steel has the highest weight to strength ratio

We provide 10 years leak proof warranty & 50 years structural stability

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful, well-designed home, and that you
should never sacrifice form for function.