As a destination Karjat has it all. Equidistant from Mumbai as well as Pune, it offers the best of both worlds, be it the aura of a hill station or the green vibrance of the coast. It’s well connected to both cities by road and can be reached in about two hours time and hence is easily accessible by air as well.



From a tourist perspective, Karjat has lots to offer. Magnificent forts dot its grand ridges, waterfalls streak across lush cliffs, offering out-of-this world freshness to city dwellers who flock in great numbers to relax in deep water pools. Ancient temples provide solace to the weary and mesmerizing trails call out tantalizingly to adventure seekers. The Ulhas River has its origins here and its fresh, bubbly waters is perfect for rafting. With its lush green valleys, crisp clean air and tourist-friendly features, Karjat has quickly become the first choice as a weekend destination for people from the region.


Perhaps this is why Karjat has witnessed a huge growth in the number of hotels and spas in recent years. It’s proximity to the cities, healthy climate and rejuvenating environment form the perfect backdrop for the blossoming health-tourism industry. The best part about Karjat is that once visited, its charm lures travelers again and again leading to Karjat becoming the default destination for a weekend home. The region is witnessing a boom in construction which has improved accessibilities and facilities so much that at Karjat one can get all the conveniences of the city whilst enjoying the benefits of a retreat.

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We have reserved the best location in Karjat in anticipation for your home. Watch freshwaters lazily trail down luscious green vales. Welcome the golden yellow rays of the sun, whisper sweet nothings to the gentle invigorating breeze, gaze up at the brilliantly starry sky at nights. It’s the perfect place for your dreams to take shape.



Make a choice of design from our exquisite Timeless villa series or from our contemporary Bohemian Rhapsody series. These villas are designed for the unique topography and climes of Karjat. Their construction uses eco-friendly and sustainable material that’s in harmony with the surroundings. Our landscape designs use flora and fauna that complement and are at home in the region and our interior solutions are best fit for the unique weather pattern of the place.

With a high degree of customization and flexibility, our creations are moldable to your every tiny whim. With space for staff-dwelling and car park, we have taken care of every aspect of your need.


So don’t wait. Head out to Karjat and live in the dream world that we have so painstakingly designed around you.