Nature has a tremendous impact on our brains and behaviour. It helps reduce anxiety and stress and increases our productivity and creativity. Humans have a strong connection with nature, which is why our mood is immediately uplifted when we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

When architecture and nature co-exist, they generate positivity. Architecture can draw ideas from nature in a number of ways and incorporate its benefits while creating spaces that work to improve the quality of life of the occupants. One way to achieve this, is taking inspiration from designs found in nature, be it from trees, leaves, flowers, fields, sea, waves, river, waterfalls, etc. This has the immediate effect of calming the senses as it transports one closer to nature. The serene sounds of ocean waves, the invigorating sight of gushing streams, the cooling sight of icy mountain tops, are known to positively affect the mind and regulate health.

Having great views of nature like trees, mountains, rivers, and more, within built spaces is another great way of combining architecture and nature. Natural light too plays a huge role in the well-being of the occupants of a space. Architecture can include designing spaces in such a way so as to optimize natural day light. This could be achieved by providing plenty of large windows, skylights, multi-storey atriums among others, which allow natural light to penetrate interior spaces.

Having open spaces and mini lawns within built spaces gives another opportunity for us to connect with nature. A green wall or a green roof consisting of plants helps reduce the effect of heat. By using minimalistic designs and natural materials like clay, wood, stone, bamboo etc. that are allowed to age, interesting spaces can be created to make the occupant feel at one with nature. Many sustainable techniques like rain water harvesting systems, solar panels, natural heating and cooling systems and sewage and garbage treatment systems can be used in design to remain responsible towards nature.

We at Mulberry, generate minimum wastage during the construction process. We respect nature and we believe in giving back to nature without causing harmful impact on the environment.

Thus, by utilizing the 5 elements of Nature, i.e., Earth in the form of natural materials, water in the form of a waterbody on the property, fire in the form of light obtained from the sun’s rays, air in the form of various open spaces, ventilation and indoor plants and space in the form of a connection between built spaces and open spaces, architecture can incorporate the benefits of nature with wellness and living.