True to Hawaiian architecture, this series of villas is designed to reminisce, relax, and connect with nature. The exteriors of the villa reflect the  architecture of the tropical island with its wide-hipped roof, terracotta cladding and natural finishes. Traditional Hawaiian materials like wooden shingles and bamboo, red fire clay bricks, stone and wood add authenticity to the its architecture style. In addition, the extended roof overhangs, a typical characteristic of a Hawaiian villa, ensure a comfortable time outdoors, keeping harsh sunlight and rain at bay. 

The expansive portico at the entrance offers an outdoor space to rest and unwind while extending into the sky-lit foyer. Bouncing off the still waters of the indoor pond, the soft, filtered light fills the space, creating a warm, inviting ambience. While the master bedroom overlooks this space, the bedroom enjoys a courtyard view. A sky-lit courtyard manifests itself at the heart of the villa, unifying the spaces. The spacious living and dining rooms also enjoy the pool’s view. The large volumes of the indoor spaces perfectly balanced with plush interiors, bespoke furniture and natural finishes connote luxury, grandeur establishing a connection to nature. The white, textured walls across the villa offer a calm and soothing aura while reflecting the abundant natural light. The vertical sliding window is another peculiar Hawaiian design element.

Bringing nature indoors, the design of this three-bedroom Hawaiian villa provides an abode to de-stress. The villa promises to transport your senses to the islands of Hawaii through its design, materials and atmosphere.

Fact File

2 Bed, 2 Bath, Study, Swimming Pool


Built-up Area
4978.28 Sq. Ft.


Architecture Style



Timeless Edition 1 – Tropical Tints


Ground Floor


Recommended Plot Size

Around 14,934.84 Sq.ft.



1.2 times stronger than Traditional Construction



32 Weeks


Green Quotient



Cost Estimation
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Technical Details

360° Virtual Tour

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