Rumah Clover


The Balinese Chalet Series Villa by Mulberry is designed to offer an authentic experience of a tropical resort. An ode to the architecture of Bali, the villa delicately balances modern-day luxuries with traditional design principles. This three-bedroom luxury villa spread across 3100 Sq.ft. draws inspiration from
the design principles used in traditional Balinese architecture. Spatially planned on the ‘tri mandala’ philosophy of ancient Bali, a sprawling open pavilion heralds visitors into the 500 Sq.ft. living area. Indoor courtyards and tropical foliage tucked into the pockets of the villa unify the home with nature. Exquisite decks for each bedroom, the alfresco shower experience, and the cosy dining area along the expansive swimming pool are a testimony to the indoor-outdoor living construct of a traditional Bali home. Taking clues from nature, the roof takes the form of a leaf. Large overhangs envelop the seating shacks on the semi-open deck, offering a quiet, meditative alcove with a sweeping view of the pool.


The louvred doors along these decks bring in gusts of fresh air while maintaining the residents’ privacy. In favour of bringing nature indoors, the earthy-toned natural material palettes impart a sense of relaxation and quiet to the bedrooms.
Pristine white walls create a beautiful contrast with the wooden and stone accents, breathing luxury into the villa. The soft upholstery and indoor plants softly complement the natural, raw interior finishes.


The design of the villa captures the true essence of the island. Imbibing the traditional architectural principles and carefully crafted details, the estate is a portal to the tropical paradise of Bali.

Fact File

3Bed, 3Bath


Built-up Area
3018.2 Sq.ft.


Deck Area
2296.37 Sq.ft.


Total Area
5314.57 Sq.ft.


Architecture Style




Timeless Edition 1 – Endless Summer Vibes


Ground Floor


Recommend Plot Size

Around 15,943.7 Sq/ft.



25 Weeks


Green Quotient




2 Times Stronger Than Traditional Construction

Cost Estimation
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Technical Details

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