There a many common misconceptions about prefabricated construction that exists. These include,
1. Prefabricated structures are flimsy
2. Prefabricated structures are made of cardboard
3. Prefabricated structures come in standard formats
4. Prefabricated structures are for low-cost, low-quality homes
5. These homes offer poor protection against natural calamities such as earthquakes and
6. They are combustible and crumble in floods
7. You can’t get good designs in these homes
8. No installations can be made on the walls
9. Cannot have nails on these walls
10. Unlike RCC, you cannot get good finishes in prefabricated homes
These beliefs are totally baseless and untrue. They may have been formed due to the experience
with early prefabricated homes that were mass produced as low-cost homes for the affordable
segment. However today, with advancements in technology, prefabricated technology has outpaced
traditional construction by a wide margin in almost all parameters. Not only are prefabricated homes
stronger and better in quality compared to RCC built homes, they are also flexible and allow
architects the freedom to execute complex and outstanding designs, leading to a revolution in the
luxury housing sector.
Let us review the misconceptions in the light of what Mulberry has to offer.
To begin with, Mulberry homes are built with streel, one of the strongest materials in the
construction industry. Steel structures face fewer deterioration and corrosion issues over time than
those built with concrete which is why, steel buildings, because of their inorganic nature, largely
outlive other structures. Which is why Mulberry homes come with 50 years structural stability
Since the columns and beams are built with 100% steel, these can withstand earthquakes,
hurricanes, heavy snow, strong winds, heavy floods and other natural disasters unlike concrete
structures. Mulberry homes have insulated roofs and walls which provide better thermal efficiency
and so are 100% weatherproof, soundproof, termite proof & fireproof. A double layer of
polyurethane boards wraps around the building prevents the entry of water, air & moisture, ensuring
100% moisture-proof. Hence Mulberry homes provide a 10-year warranty for structural damage &
Steel being thinner than timber beams ensures spaces can be efficiently optimized by using longer
spans for column free open spaces, which are a huge trend in home design. Steel enables Mulberry
homes to offer wide spans and double height living spaces, thus making the living experience
exquisite and unique.
Wall installations for TV, A/Cs are very much possible and need to be incorporated at the planning
stage. Similarly, installation of elevators too can be easily included when discussed during the design
process. Unlike traditional construction, Mulberry’s electrical and plumbing conduits are completely
concealed with dedicated service panels in walls & roofs for maintenance & service. Regarding use of
nails, Mulberry recommends the use of drills and not hammer.
Mulberry homes come in a range of ethereal designs complete with landscaping, architectural
design, construction and interiors with a mind-boggling variety of finishes. Besides this Mulberry
offers signature bespoke designs specially tailored to your individual sensibilities.