The durability of a home is the most important consideration for homeowners because besides beauty, you want it to last long, as a lot of resources get invested in it. This can be achieved by using the right material and the right construction techniques.


Due to its unique properties, steel is an ideal choice as a building material. Steel structures face fewer deterioration and corrosion issues over time than those built with concrete which is why, steel buildings, because of their inorganic nature, largely outlive other structures. The advantages of steel in construction include speed, design adaptability, sustainability, modifiability, efficiency, reliability, light weight, cost effectiveness, strength, durability and more.


Here are some reasons that make steel a prime choice for construction.


  1. Speed of construction: Structural steel work, including members being cut and prepared for assembly, largely happens in factories with only welding, riveting and installation to be done on-site, reducing construction
  2. Design adaptability: Steel allows architects greater creative freedom as it can be bent and rolled to create non-linear members like curves and domes, enhancing aesthetic appeal of homes
  3. Sustainability: Steel is the most recyclable material. Structural steel of current times is 88% recyclable and will be completely recyclable in the future, reusable without further
  4. Modifiability: Structural steel homes permit future modifications such as, additions to existing ones & connections between new and old structures, besides easier renovations and
  5. Efficiency: Steel being thinner than timber beams ensures spaces can be efficiently optimized by using longer spans for column free open spaces, which are a huge trend in home
  6. Reliability: Structural steel manufactured in factories under controlled conditions with modern technology ensures the steel strength is verified at the production stage and not at construction stage, certifying
  7. Light weight: Steel is both robust and light-weight compared to concrete and therefore is easy to transport, dismantle, reassemble and
  8. Cost Effective: Steel is readily available requiring less construction time and labour. Since manufacturing is offsite, wastage is 70% of the steel can be salvaged during dismantling and reassembling and steel commands good scrap value too.
  9. Strength: Since the columns and beams are built with 100% steel, these can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snow, strong winds, heavy floods and other natural disasters unlike concrete
  10. Durability: Steel homes have insulated roofs and walls which provide better thermal efficiency and so are 100% weatherproof and 100% soundproof, besides being 100% termite & fire A double layer of polyurethane boards wraps around the building prevents the entry of water, air & moisture, ensuring 100% moisture-proof.


Steel hardly ages as it has great dimensional stability, as a result of which it is not affected by weather or other factors. Steel homes guarantee great aesthetics and a great service life without high maintenance costs.

At Mulberry, we provide you with a 50 years structural stability warranty on our homes along with ultimate peace of mind.