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A Farmhouse, Hyderabad

Redefining Modern and Sustainable Luxury

Athang, located in the heart of Dapoli, is a tranquil retreat that brings together stories of heritage, nature and comfort. Perched along a river bank and spread across [x] sq. m, this three-bedroom villa is more than just a weekend getaway – it’s a place to experience the Konkan coast and immerse in its serenity. The villa is a manifestation of the Dharia family’s legacy brought to life by Mulberry Villas & Pods for SaffronStays.

Envisioned by Mr. Kishore Dharia, Athang is a result of dedication and foresight. Inspired by the family’s desire to create a modern luxury retreat, the villa’s design not only reflects their aspirations but also pays homage to the region’s rich history.


An Ode to Nature

What sets Athang apart is not just its location and understated opulence but also its unique journey. Transformed from a restaurant, the villa gives a new meaning to sustainable luxury by repurposing the existing structure without compromising on elegance. Embracing a sustainable approach in contrast to constructing something entirely new, the villa is a reflection of Mulberry’s commitment to creating a space that respects the surroundings and the environment.


With biophilic design principles at the heart of the process, the intent was to create a one-of-a kind experience through the villa’s architecture for guests to truly connect with nature. Using soil and design inspiration from its surroundings, Athang resonates with a unique vernacular ambiance, seamlessly merging modern luxury with the rich heritage of the Konkan.


Designed to Disconnect

The vivid yellow walls and the bright Mangalore tiles along with the arched windows create a tropical setting, a reminder and invitation for guests into a new experience, away from the city life. The original entrance was strategically shifted to create a private entry, ensuring utmost seclusion. This architectural choice, combined with lush green foliage welcoming guests, transports them into a tranquil haven upon arrival.


The living room, spacious and relaxing, overlooks a cantilevered deck – an extension into the swimming pool. This allows filtered light to cascade gently through the arched windows, infusing the space with a serene, dappled glow during the day. The pool, in turn, gracefully extends into the river, creating a seamless, immersive experience into nature. An outdoor dining area on the deck invites guests to enjoy meals and connect with their loved ones while soaking in the breathtaking views. In addition to the living room, the sunken seating, day bed, hanging bed on the deck and the porch create various zones in the villa to unwind.


Understated and Modern Luxury

Athang boasts three luxurious bedrooms, each designed with a characteristic colour and material palette – as a homage to the local architecture. Laterite walls, a signature of Konkan architecture, form a distinctive backdrop contrasted with the fresh and light colour palette of the furniture. A careful mix of rattan and wood, strike a delicate balance, with each material standing out without overpowering the other. These elements come together to create an earthy colour palette creates a sense of warmth and comfort, inviting guests to indulge in the villa’s serene ambiance.


In the heart of Athang lies not just a physical structure but a narrative – a culmination of the Dharia family’s legacy and Mulberry’s design prowess. The villa, transformed sustainably, stands as a testament to harmonizing tradition with modernity. Athang is more than a retreat; it’s a destination where each space resonates with the values of those who inhabit it. Mulberry’s commitment to creating spaces that respect nature and heritage is vividly portrayed in the tranquil expanse of Athang – a retreat that beckons guests to immerse themselves in the serenity of the Konkan coast.