Everyone wishes to own a home specifically designed to their taste. Impeccable architecture not only reflects one’s personality but also the inner character. Today individuals believe that their homes are an extension of themselves, it captures their moods, their outlook, their style and speaks for them. This individualistic streak is evident in farm houses, villas, beach resorts and weekend getaways that have become so popular today. Stepping into one such abode is being welcomed into the inner realms of the person’s mind. Like how individuals match their personality and look to their beliefs and values, similarly, architecture needs to be complimented with relevant interior designing.


At Mulberry, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating architecture with interior design and ensure this balance is maintained, right from the inception of your home design. We provide end to end solutions for your complete home, because only the one who conceives the unique signature of your dream home can develop the architecture and interior in a singularly synergistic fashion that’s seamless and awe-inspiring.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Indeed, nowhere is this truer than when it comes to a home with different minds working on architecture, interiors and landscaping. The result is often a strange concoction of conflicting ideas that appear disconnected, like ends of bridges that fail to meet at the centre.

Mulberry is a one stop solution for architecture, interiors & landscaping. Not only do we save you the hassle of coordinating with different teams, we ensure the construction of your home is holistically done, right from concept, down to execution and finishing. To us, your home is a beautiful person with a complimenting heart and a soul that beats in unison with yours. Nothing can exemplify our thinking better than two of our creations:

The Cedars from the Bohemian Rhapsody series perfectly embraces country living with modern technology. It represents the new-age interpretation of a farmhouse. While the butterfly roof provides a deep connection to nature, the cascading water with its rhythm acts as your very own spa experience. As you go on to enter The Cedars, you’re in for a visual treat, encapsulated by a fusion of contemporary decor styles cusped with optimized functionality. Curating an eclectic revelation, The Cedars blends new age design sensibilities while staying rooted to Indian traditions.


The Nook from the Glamping Pods series showcases a futuristic design which seamlessly intertwines the outdoors and indoors. The punctured design of the pod invites nature into its threshold through skylights or vast openings. The various spaces in The Nook are all connected through a seamless curvature, thus creating a cohesive look. The cosy bedroom with its wide openings invites scenic views while waking up to a sunrise. This luxury pod opens up to a picturesque deck view, enhancing outdoor living. The Nook perfectly portrays fine and hearty living.


Interior designing is but an extension of architecture. It’s not about adorning the place with forceful elements, rather it’s about seamlessly blending the interiors and exteriors to match one another.

Treating your interior design differently from your exterior will not only fail to capture the harmony in your concept, but it may even force you to live with something you never wished for.

At Mulberry, we strive to provide you with just that while making your experience a joyous one that you’ll cherish for years to come.