Some locations are so enchanting that they compel visitors to keep returning to the place. Then the
inevitable happens and we fall in love with the place. Next thing we know, we’ve bought a piece of
land there for a weekend getaway. But when the cost & time reality of developing the land hits us,
we leave it just like that, lost and forgotten, much like our dream.
If you are stuck with a piece or parcel of land somewhere and don’t know what to do with it, here
are some interesting ideas and suggestions for you to explore that can help you to optimize the use
of that land.
1. Build a weekend home
Mulberry’s modular and prefabricated construction technology has reimagined the time and cost
of construction. So now you can bring your dream to life at half the cost of regular construction.
What’s more your dream villa can be built in a matter of months! The strength of steel empowers
Mulberry homes to outlast regular ones.
Mulberry is a single platform where you can get everything from design to architecture to
construction and landscaping, all under one roof. Simply select your design and then walk into
your dream home every weekend!
2. Earn rental income
Is your busy schedule and cost of maintenance forcing you to rethink the need to build a holiday
home on your idle land? Put that worry aside, for Mulberry has teamed up with India’s leading
home-rental companies to offer you an irresistible package wherein your idle land can not just
host you for your holidays but also earn rental income for you, besides taking care of its own
Yes, you can indeed have the cake and eat it too, all thanks to Mulberry!
3. Develop a resort
Is your land parcel too large? Is it located in a scenic area? Did you purchase it with the intention
of building a resort? If any of these reasons are true, Mulberry has the hospitality solution for
We have range of resort design options, all of which can be developed in phases due to our
unique modular technology. So, your resort can take off and earn money even as you continue
adding features to it. The best part is that our technology enables you to dismantle and
reassemble structures thereby proving maximum bang for your buck.
4. Add value & sell at a premium
Not interested in living or visiting the place? Unable to sell the piece of land easily? Remember,
that people will pay the price for the land when they see value in it. Mulberry can help you get
the best value for your land. Simply select a design from our range of villas and pods and we will
build you a beautiful residence that will instantly raise the value of your land astronomically.
Seeing is believing, right?
5. Create a destination
There’s a lot more you can do with your piece of land. Create a beautifully themed restaurant on
it, build an amusement park on it, create an exotic spa or health centre there. There’s an
incredible number of ideas that we at Mulberry can help you with. The best part is that these can
be built in a manner that they can be easily given a makeover or facelift or reinvented to stay on
course with the latest trend and give you maximum bang for your buck.
Don’t let opportunity slip you by. Call Mulberry and live your dreams