This is the age of specialization and focus and nowhere is this more evident than in the space of realty and architecture. Consumer needs and desires have splintered to such nano-details that it is impossible for a generalist to satisfy the unique needs of every customer. And the more premium the customer, the more demanding their needs and the more eclectic their choices.

It takes a great deal of focus and specialization to match these ever-evolving preferences of the elite. With access to internet and a lifestyle that rubs shoulders with the most beautiful places in the world, the customer today is knowledgeable, aware and forthcoming in her requirements when she sets her mind to developing her dream villa.



For architects specializing in villas, such an aware customer is both a boon and bane. Boon because she does not have to be sold the best, she’s aware and seeking it. Bane because, she’s so involved in the process, often its tough for the architect to keep pace with her. After all, although every architect would love to spend all their time in design, realities of work ensure they’re equally involved in dealing with the execution elements of their work: project planning, evaluating and dealing with contractors, suppliers, checking out materials, fixing issues in execution, finding alternatives etc. All of which eats away their time.

The good news is that Mulberry can help them in this regard. Mulberry’s dedicated professional team can handle entire execution of villa projects taking the headache off the hands of the architects, thereby leaving them free to work on the designs and give their full attention to their clients.



For architects who aren’t villa specialists, associating with Mulberry has a different set of benefits. These architects can now offer their esteemed clients cutting edge and bespoke villa designs, the likes of which have never before been seen in this country. What’s more, Mulberry is an end-to-end solution provider with capabilities in designing villas, construction, landscaping and interior design. The customer can simply walk into their fully furnished and ready homes in a matter of months.

By taking over then entire project from the hand of the architect, Mulberry enables the architect to continue focusing on their areas of expertise, even while generating an additional source of revenue through villa designs. Thus, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.



Land developers, sitting on large land parcels too can benefit by associating with Mulberry. Their biggest bugbear is that customers who are interested in their land parcels, shy away at the thought of having to build the villas by themselves. Often land developers are hamstrung by poor quality designs and age-old construction techniques that are rejected by customers who are looking for villas that are in line with the latest design and construction standards.

Along with Mulberry, land developers can provide a complete solution to their customers. Because now the customer can select their land and choose from Mulberry’s range of Timeless or Bohemian villa designs. Alternatively, Mulberry can create a customized design for them. Using the latest prefab construction technology, Mulberry’s specialized team can bring alive the customer’s dream villa in a matter of months, complete with landscape and interior design!

With evolving customer needs, Mulberry provides the ideal opportunity to architects and land developers to upgrade their offering and deliver customer delight.